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Wednesday, October 28, 2009
Place your angel enounter story on Angel Book within Facebook
Loved Ones…. right now is the best time to go to Facebook and search out Angel Book.

Within Facebook is a global place for you to document your own amazing angelic encounter…at Angel Book.

Each of us at present has a Guardian Angel positioned on our right hand side…make them smile.

Many of us have had an exceptional encounter with the Angelic Realm which is most vivid and remains living in our consciousness….contribute that true story!

Loved Ones, if truth be told you really do need to share your photo and true angelic story with the rest of the world!

At this moment on Angel Book (located within Facebook) you can upload pictures and contribute your own particular Angelic Encounter.

Go to Facebook and search out Angel Book and contribute your accurate story on the Angel Book Wall.

This is an extraordinary opening for you to share your angelic encounter.

Use this magnificent opportunity to read and have the benefit of seeing pictures of true life angelic episodes currently happening all around this beautiful planet.

Go to Angel Book (within Facebook) and enjoy reading where multitudes of incarnated beings have been touched by those magnificent entities of unconditional love…those haloed beings of unlimited Love and Light…thee angelic messengers of from Mother and Father God.

Loved Ones…go to Facebook…and seek out Angel Book….go to the Angel Book wall and lay your special story down…contribute your photos…and add your own true story of how you were touch by your guardian angel…your own story of angelicinfusion.

True first hand records and images of physical healings, life saving episodes, incredible synchronistic happenings, and factual stories of emotional miracles…and much more.

Share your loving message about unconditional love and healing.

I promise you…… your guardian angel will in actuality be exceedingly thankful for it.

You and all your loved ones are always in my prayers,
Samuel Joseph Bell

Thursday, September 25, 2008
Sarah Palin, Thomas Muthee and witchcraft
Loved Ones…

Is this individual ready to lead our country?

Go to utube and search for this title:
Sarah Palin, Thomas Muthee and witchcraft

At this time I petition for Ms. Palin to learn all her lessons with the least amount of pain.

You and all your loved ones are always in my prayers,

Samuel Joseph Bell

Monday, April 21, 2008
hypnosis and behavior modification in your living room
Loved ones…your mind…your willpower and your ability to focus are the components which you used to incarnate yourself and are the 3 same components you will use when you are on the “Other Side”…in heaven…

Loved Ones…when you place information which is specifically programmed to impact your conceptual framework into your mind (ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC) via the television set you are/can/will allow this inaccurate…deliberately misleading stimuli to impact your mind…to provide an ongoing source of subtle suggestion…to hypnotize your opinions…to hypnotize your judgment…to control you via broadcast hypnotic techniques right in your living room.

How powerful is hypnosis? …read the following and get glimpse what you can do…then just imagine what skilled trained hypnotists contracted by the United States of America can do to you via your television sitting in your home!

Loved ones…When you combine hypnosis and behavior modification the result can be you sending money to murder your brothers and sisters…and your brothers and sisters becoming suicide bombers to murder you!

Alex Lenkei is not the first patient to reject an anesthetic in favor of hypnosis before undergoing surgery - but he may be the first to have hypnotized himself.

At Worthing Hospital, Sussex, the 61-year-old registered hypnotist sedated himself with techniques he has used since the age of 16.

The surgery, carried out last Wednesday, involved taking a sliver of bone from the base of his right thumb and fusing the joint in a bid to improve his arthritis.
Yesterday Mr Lenkei said: "It went amazingly well. It took between 30 seconds to a minute for me to place myself under hypnosis and I felt a very deep relaxation. At one stage a hammer and chisel was used as well as a surgical saw, but I felt no pain. I was aware of everything."

His surgeon, David Llew-ellyn-Clark, said he was happy with the result.
"Some people are very anxious about anesthetic so I am always looking for alternatives. I was confident Mr Lenkei is a skilled hypnotist and I am delighted."

Studies suggest that not using standard anesthetics can speed recovery and cut time spent in hospital.

Well Loved Ones…consider what you have already been exposed to

exposed to about Hamas…about Palestine…consider what you have already been exposed to about Iraq…consider what you have already been exposed to about George W. Bush…how did we elect him?

…how did he end up being the “leader” of our country?…was it his intelligence? Was it is compassion? Was it his history of acting as a mentor teacher? ...or was it an effective use of the media to hypnotize America?

At this time I petition for all network executives of american media to be enclosed in the White Light of the Holy Spirit…that they learn all their lessons with the least amount of pain.

Samuel Joseph Bell

Wednesday, April 2, 2008
how the con/the big lie works
The right wing religious extremist James Dobson told his radio listeners that Rove described Miers' background as an evangelical Christian, said she was a member of a conservative "almost universally pro-life" church, and described how she tried to change the American Bar Association's position backing abortion rights.

Loved ones…. here is how the con/the big lie works in the good ole U.S. of A…how America Christian fundamentalists retain and manage their cult of guilt/sin/fear/ and control

Applied Numerous Hypnotic techniques during “religious” service including 1. Multiple aspects of physical/muscle Relaxation within the standard religious service, 2. Ongoing and Sustained hypnotic postures including hand postures/kneeling/ and group singing, 3. Extremely Hypnotic music, 4, multiple Hypnotic postures combined with relaxing hypnotic sounds and fragrances, 5 combined these elements of motionless positions while seated with head back with eyes slightly lifted towards an elevated hypnotist/minister/priest result with those with a tendency to be hypnotized to then become fully hypnotized…and unaware they walked into it….

they went to honor their Divine Parents and to learn to love themselves and others and when they emerge they are fully programmed to “kill for Christ” and donate money to the immediate hypnotist before them….

The same individuals who enlist in the marines, to go murder Moslem children for a so called “Christian” cause are the same hypnotized stooges who follow “James Dobson”….so what ?

At present the figurehead of the United States (g.w. bush) is one of those hypnotized stooges…. you and all your loved ones residing within the American domestic borders are at present under attack by the White House supported religious Right and the state run media incorporating hypnotic techniques to affect voters and young children with their “CHRISTIAN AGENDA”…

Some history is applicable at this point…. note: the first regularly scheduled T.V. program ever broadcast was by the Nazi Party (you did not know that…Why not? Because that would make it a wee-bit more difficult to manipulate you/taxpayer/citizen of America…. as intelligent persons might begin to think about what they are exposing themselves to and why they like to buy certain products or why they consider themselves Christian or why/how g.w.bush got to be the elected leader of the most powerful country in history despite him being under endowed and bovine)…specifically using the same hypnotic techniques Hitler was so good with…Television is the perfect modality to hypnotize those persons susceptible because it appears so innocent….so harmless…so hidden a psychological WEAPON….Radio and T.V. were psychological weapons during world war II, the Korean War and of course Vietnam….

Why do you think the army, the navy, the air force, the marines all advertise on T.V ?…

Loved ones be alert and notice where you see these hypnotic advertisements and recognize how powerful they are to the unsuspecting 19yr old laying on the couch…Why do you think Carl Rowe brokered a deal with Dobson..Because of hypnotic controls already in place within the entire religious establishment….it all fits together…as the big dick himself chortles legions of hypnotized Americans are sending the T.V. Right Wing Religious money and encouraging their own offspring to die as they go murder those who are not like them….not any different then a radical mullah within the Moslem faith…the same story on both sides.

They/Republican agenda can cheaply attempt to hypnotize all viewers knowing a full 20% of viewers will have little or no resistance to the 100+ channels of controlled media…. people fall asleep on the couch in front of the tube…suggestive and extremely powerful hypnotic programs/ads/news clips bombard the snoozing Yankee on the couch…. they wake up and suddenly they “fully appreciate” (more than ever before) that Jews are the cause of Germanys woes after WWI, like in 1930 and 40’s….or persons completely relax with a beverage and a comedy show then the news comes on and with all the state of the art behavior modification techniques combined with the most effective aspects of hypnosis/fear/guilt buried within the “target Suggestion” the innocent tax payer is a caged chicken on a truck going to Mr. Sanders to “BE ALL YOU CAN BE”

I petition for the White Light of the Holy Spirit to surround and enclose Mr. James Dobson and all his loved ones…. that they may learn all their lessons with the least amount of pain…I petition and ask that in Mother and Father Gods Name.

You and all your loved ones are always in my prayers,

Samuel Joseph Bell

Ishamel Beah enjoyed video games killing people
Loved Ones…as you shop at Costco…or browse at Nordstrom’s….as you pick up some groceries at Alpha Beta….as you walk past that teenage child with their mum…give some thought to Ishamel Beah who at 13 years of age was used as your typical hypnotized warrior.

Ishamel …a child…is healing from the effects of years of indoctrination and the prolonged experience of true horror….

Ishamel was a child soldier in Sierra Leone in the mid-1990s

Ishamel had been kept high on marijuana and "brown brown", a crude cocktail of cocaine and gunpowder …Ishamel was one of the millions used as a “contract mercenary”…a child solider…

On one occasion his handlers directed Ishamel to attack a village which appeared to be empty… but he soon realized he was being ambushed.

The small arms fighting lasted 24 hours. At one point, Ishamel was trying to snatch some ammo from a shelter when the gunfire started up again and he was blasted in the leg. Two bullets shattered his shin and a third became stuck in it.

He was dragged to a former Government base several hours' walk away, where an Army surgeon gave him some cocaine and then removed the bullet with a rudimentary blade.
Ishamel fainted from the pain…

Then things got really evil…A lieutenant brought in a group of young rebel militia… he said that they were responsible for the shooting of Ishamel.
"I was not sure if one of the captives was the shooter, but any captive would do at the time," Ishamel says ….

"They were all lined up, six of them, with their hands tied. I shot them in the shins and watched them suffer for an entire day before finally deciding to shoot them in the head so that they would stop crying.

"Before I shot each man, I looked at him and saw how his eyes gave up hope and steadied before I pulled the trigger. I found their somber eyes irritating."

When he first stopped being a child soldier, he couldn't remember anything about his former life.

It took almost five months before his slaughtered parents and brothers first reappeared - in his dreams.

Many child soldiers never recuperate or return to any sane sense of purpose in their shattered lives….Loved ones many of our young american soldiers return home also emotionally destroyed…

Loved Ones…It was in fact….Sierra Leone's diamond mines that helped sponsor the rebellion and created the mayhem that uprooted Ishamel from his village….separated him from his family and put him on the run for almost a year…. before he discovered that his parents had been killed and he turned to the Government military for aid.

His government took his fear…took his anger and used it…made him a solider…a story replayed over and over in many countries around the globe…even here at home…
His Government….did not want to help him…. It wanted to employ him… to use enlist him…for their own reasons of greed for control…greed for money…greed reasons.

Ishamel was quickly given simple military training… encouraged to take powerful drugs and subjected to a steady diet of violent Hollywood films from Rambo to Commando….Loved Ones does this sound familiar?

The first time he was in combat …confused…he was unable to fire his AK-47… after seeing two of his fellow child soldiers obliterated before his eyes… he started firing.

Loved ones…today there are an estimated 300,000 children under the age of 18 serving in Government forces or armed rebel groups. Some of them are as young as 8 years old.
Loved Ones…. child soldiers are or have been involved in 33 on-going or recent armed conflicts in almost every region of the world…

Loved Ones our children are exceptionally helpless to military recruitment because of their emotional and physical immaturity.

Loved Ones…our american offspring are easily manipulated and can be drawn into violence that they are too young to resist or understand…Fox news glorifies soldiers…American broadcast TV advertising repeatedly tells kids that guns and killing make america the home of “the brave, the strong and the free”..

Loved Ones next time you see that young teen playing his little video game…shooting up the bad guys while his mum is buying that quart of milk…say a prayer for that child…send a petition to our Mother and Father God for all americas children to learn all their lessons with the least amount of pain…

At this time I petition for the White Light of the Holy Spirit to enclose and protect all young boys from the influence of communications designed to hypnotize them to go kill…for their country….for reasons of greed….as we all are children of our Divine Parents…I petition and ask that in the name of Our Lord Jesus the Christ.

You and all your loved ones are always in my prayers,

Samuel Joseph Bell


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